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The manor

Keane, Jessie2020
Charlie Stone and Terry Barton have been blood brothers since the cradle. They grew up in the East End skimming along the bottom of the underworld until Charlie takes over the manor from the local mob and a twist of fate puts him and his best mate on the road to the high life. When Charlie and Terry both marry and have kids, everything is set. Both families have everything they ever wanted. However, things start to turn sour between the families when Charlie's adopted son Harlan starts to cause trouble. It soon becomes clear that Harlan doesn't want to be number one son, he wants to be number one full stop, and he wants Terry's daughter Belle Barton by his side. As the feud caused by Harlan spirals out of control it is left to Belle to pick up the pieces. Is she strong enough to take on Harlan Stone? Has she got what it takes to rule the manor?
Main title:
The manor / Jessie Keane.
London : Macmillan, 2020.
494 pages ; 24 cm
9781509855025 (hbk. :)
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