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The Penguin book of mermaids

Among the oldest and most popular mythical beings, mermaids and other merfolk have captured the imagination since long before Ariel sold her voice to a sea witch in the beloved Disney film adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen's 'The Little Mermaid'. As far back as the eighth century BC, sailors in Homer's Odyssey stuffed wax in their ears to resist the Sirens, who lured men to their watery deaths with song. More than two thousand years later, the gullible New York public lined up to witness a mummified 'mermaid' specimen that the enterprising showman P.T. Barnum swore was real. 'The Penguin Book of Mermaids' is a treasury of such tales about merfolk and water spirits from different cultures, ranging from Scottish selkies to Hindu water-serpents to Chilean sea fairies.
Main title:
The Penguin book of mermaids / edited by Cristina Bacchilega, Marie Alohalani Brown.
London : Penguin Classics, 2021.
368 pages ; 20 cm
Text in English, includes some English translations from multiple languages.
9780143133728 (pbk. :)
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EnglishMultiple languages
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