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Home in the world : a memoir

Sen, Amartya, 1933-2021
Where is 'home'? For Amartya Sen home has been many places - Dhaka in modern Bangladesh where he grew up, the village of Santiniketan where he was raised by his grandparents as much as by his parents, Calcutta where he first studied economics and was active in student movements, and Trinity College, Cambridge, to which he came aged nineteen. Sen brilliantly recreates the atmosphere in each of these. Central to his formation was the intellectually liberating school in Santiniketan founded by Rabindranath Tagore (who gave him his name Amartya) and enticing conversations in the famous Coffee House on College Street in Calcutta. As an undergraduate at Cambridge, he engaged with many of the leading figures of the day. This is a book of ideas as much as of people and places.
Main title:
London : Allen Lane, 2021.
416 pages ; 24 cm
9781846144868 (hbk. :)
Dewey class:
330.092330.092 SEN SENB SEN330.092 SEN
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