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Expert 121 Sessions


Book a FREE 121 session with our business experts. Choose from a range of dates and times to suit you.

Take a look at all of our experts HERE

Start-Up & Business Advice

Expert 121: with Steve Piper. Business Support Advisor - Eastbourne Library

Expert 121: with Steve Piper. Business Support Advisor - Hastings Library

Staffing Advice

Expert 121: with Serena May, HR Advisor

Expert 121: with Laura Wood, Workplace Wellbeing

Expert 121: with Mo Kanjilal, Diversity & Inclusion Specialist

Innovation & New Ideas

Expert 121: with Mark Hadley, Innovation Advisor - Jubilee Library, Brighton

Expert 121: with Mark Hadley, Innovation Advisor - Eastbourne Library

Expert 121: with Ryan Davies, Innovation & Growth Specialist

Expert 121: with Dr Jonathan Newman, Market Research Consultant

Intellectual Property & Law

Expert 121: with James O'Connell, Commercial Solicitor

Expert 121: with Emma Hamilton, Commercial Lawyer - Crawley Library

Marketing, Digital & Communication

Expert 121: with Rachael Dines, Marketing Specialist

Expert 121: with Rick Chapman, Web development & Design

Expert 121: with Sam French, Website Advice - Crawley Library

Money & Finance

Expert 121: with Laurel Giles, Accounting

Expert 121: with Nicola Grobety, Accounting

Expert 121: with Caz O'Kane, Grants Fundraiser and Charity Consultant

New Business Opportunities & Growth

Expert 121: with Estelle Dingley, International Trade Advisor

Expert 121: with Pam Gordon, Franchising & Licensing Advisor

Green Business Growth and Sustainability

Expert 121: with James Staniforth, Environmental Sustainability Advisor

Expert 121: with Daniel Bianco, Sustainable Transport Advisor

Entrepreneur Wellbeing & Skills

Expert 121: with Lyndsey Clay, Entrepreneur Wellbeing Coach

Expert 121: with Victoria Ramsden, Leadership & Management Coach

Business & IP Centre Sussex

The Business & IP Centre (BIPC) Sussex with its Regional Centre BIPC Brighton & Hove at Jubilee Library and its BIPC Locals at Crawley Library, Eastbourne Library and Hastings Library, supports entrepreneurs, inventors, and small businesses across Sussex, from that first spark of inspiration to successfully launching and developing a business. 

As well as being a hub for entrepreneurs to network and attend events, it provides 121 expert advice and access to a wealth of free information - business databases, market research reports, company data and information on intellectual property. Whether you are just starting out or are ready to take the next step in your journey, we are here to help.

BIPC Sussex is part of the British Library’s National Network of BIPCs and we are one of 22 Centres currently available across UK. 

Your visit to the Business & IP Centre

Open Our new BIPC spaces are now open and we aim to have   a BIPC Information specialist available in our Centre in   the Jubilee Library, Monday to Thursday 10am to 5pm.


When a specialist is not available, please ask a member of library staff, who will be able to log you on to one of the PCs elsewhere in the library and provide basic help on the service. You may use the business databases, free of charge for up to 2 hours. The charge after this is £1 per hour. 

You can use the BIPC space to research your business, access a selection of the latest business books and also use the space to work on developing your business ideas.

Careers, Funding & Business News Databases


Complete Business Reference Adviser (COBRA) is a practical and comprehensive resource for anyone wanting to start a business. It contains over a thousand small business factsheets, guides and sector-specific reports.

You can access Cobra from home with your library card or at Jubilee Library. Don’t have a library card yet? Register now


Looking for funding? With GRANTfinder you can easily search the available funding opportunities to help support your small business or social enterprise to grow and prosper.

You can access GRANTfinder at Jubilee Library or you can send an email to for a hands on session on how to use this database and find out how it can help your company.

Company Research Database

FAMEFame provides information on private companies in the UK and Ireland. 
Listing 11 million companies with information such as accounts and director details for up to 10 years - ideal also for business to business contact lists. Searches can be made by industry, location, size etc.

Download limit of 300 companies per week.
Access only in Jubilee library - ask staff to log you in.

Market & Industry Research Databases

MintelMintel provides detailed consumer research, sales data and market information along with analysis, context and commentary.
This can give a complete picture of the past, present and future of the following key markets:

Retail overview

Health and Wellbeing UK
Business Technology

You can access Mintel at Jubilee Library or send an email to  for a hands on session on how to use this database and find out how it can help your company.


EMIS Information platform provides a unique blend of analysis, data and news on companies, industries and countries.

We license content from leading sources of company and industry intelligence and combine with a database of over 6.6 Million companies, M&A information and country level research. 

You can access EMIS at Jubilee Library or send an email to  for a hands on session on how to use this database and find out how it can help your company. 

Watch now:  10 simple steps to get started with EMIS


IBISWorld provides:

  • Industry Market Research
  • Industry Risk Ratings
  • Analysis of hundreds of industries including risk scores & revenue forecasts

You can access IBIS world at Jubilee Library or send an email to  for a hands on session on how to use this database and find out how it can help your company.

Watch now: IBISWorld Website Navigation

Statista provides easy access to global statistical data, reports and forecasts on industries, brands and consumers.
You can access Statista at Jubilee Library.
Although you can access the statistics and outlooks once logged in, for reports please email the title(s) you require to for it to be sent to you.
Email for a hands on session on how to use this database and find out how it can help your company.

This project is part-funded by the UK Government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund.


Leveling UP

Contact Us / Visit Us



01273 296944


Jubilee Library, 1st floor
Jubilee Street
Brighton BN1 1GE 

Opening Hours:

Monday to Thursday 10am - 5pm

BIPC Information & IP Clinics


1-2-1 Business Information Clinics
If you have an idea for a business or have a start-up or small business, book a FREE 121 advice session with one of our Information specialists to discuss how we can help you develop and grow your business.

1-2-1 Intellectual Property Clinics
Have a great business idea, but unsure if there are any intellectual property aspects you should be registering, protecting or financing? Or  have a specific query about patents, copyright trademarks or registered design? Book a FREE 121 IP advice session with one of our Information specialists.

Newsletter Sign Up

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Intellectual Property advice

Protecting your ideas is vital when developing an invention or design.

By knowing and understanding your IP rights you can ensure that you are safeguarding your creativity effectively.

There are four main areas of Intellectual Property (IP): Copyright, Patents, Trade marks and Registered designs.

Information on each of the above can be found on the Intellectual Property Office website.

The BIPC offers free IP support and advice clinics to assist with your IP questions. 

We will also be able to connect you with a local IP legal expert who can answer more detailed IP queries. 

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